Original 64-bit Windows 8 Enterprise ISO Image Leaks

It contains Windows Media Player, does not need a license key for installation

Last week, Microsoft announced the completion of its development phase for the Windows 8 platform, along with the release to manufacturing of the platform’s code.

Shortly after that, info on a leaked Windows 8 build made it to the web, referring to an N version of the OS, one that does not include the Windows Media Player inside.

Today, we learn that another Windows 8 build has leaked online, and that this is the full, original version of the platform.

With the Windows Media Player (WMP) inside, the new leaked build is an original Microsoft ISO for 64-bit Windows 8 Enterprise edition, it seems.

The ISO can be found on various sharing sites on the web, but those interested in trying it out should be cautious.

Since this is not an officially released Windows 8 image, there is always the possibility that malicious code has been packed inside it before being pushed online (although this image is said to be the original one, untouched and unmodified).

Apparently, the newly leaked ISO includes Windows 8 build 6.2.9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247 and weighs in at 3,490,912,256 bytes.

The English x64 version of Windows 8 Enterprise edition ISO should provide users with the possibility to fully take advantage of the Metro Video and Music apps, which did not work properly without WMP included in the package.

Apparently, the leaked ISO is from the Volume Licensing channel, and does not require for users to have a license key to install it.

Following the RTM milestone, Windows 8 is set to become generally available on October 26th. Before that, however, TechNet and MSDN subscribers will benefit from access to the RTM build starting with August 15th.

In October, Windows 8 will be loaded on a wide range of new computers, including tablet PCs that are powered by ARM application processors. On these devices, the OS, called Windows RT, does not feature a desktop mode, or support for legacy applications.

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