Origin PC Now Ships Computers with Windows 8.1

The new operating system from Microsoft should liven things up

On the heels of the announcement that Origin PC was dumping AMD for NVIDIA, that same company has revealed that it is now a promoter of Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 was conceived, in great part, as an enterprise-centric version of Windows 8, and even has a Start Button.

Origin PC didn't bat an eye, though, and installed it on its gaming systems immediately. Or at least made it available for customers to choose. All its gaming PCs can get it, no exception.

"One of my favorite things about Windows 8.1 is now having the ability to choose where you want to boot directly to, your desktop or directly to the start screen menu," said Kevin Wasielewski, ORIGIN PC CEO and co-founder.

"With Windows 8.1, it's an evolutionary step in the right direction and we're extremely excited to immediately begin offering it to all ORIGIN PC customers to have it ready to ship by launch day."

Like any gaming PCs, Origin's computers combine the best CPUs and graphics cards with lots of memory and storage units, all in cases that make sure to look as good as the hardware inside them runs.

As for the OS itself, it has quite a few advantages over the normal Windows 8, such as the Start Button we have mentioned, and the Modern UI Experience (multitask with up to four apps or sites open side-by-side at the same time).

Keep in mind, though, that the Start Button doesn't come with a Start Menu. Instead, it summons the Start Screen and provides additional options.

Enhanced Search is another advantage of Windows 8.1, powered by Bing and stretching over all devices, apps and the cloud.

Boot-to-Desktop is another thing, allowing users to do exactly what it says on the tin, or boot to a start screen of their choice.

New Windows Store, new backgrounds and cloud support are the last of the relevant changes. And it's all available for free to anyone who has Windows 8 already installed (Microsoft is delivering 8.1 as an update).

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