Orgasmotron: Orgasms at the Push of a Button

The stimulation of the spine

There are women who do not even know what an orgasm feels like. Others must 'squeeze' a stud, like a lemon, to get one. And, let's face it, how many males are real studs?... The solution is found in the invention of Dr. Stuart Meloy, an anesthesiologist and pain specialist in Winston-Salem.

4 years ago, he was looking for a new device to treat crippling chronic pain of the lower back and legs, but in the end, he found a part of the spinal cord that could be electrically stimulated to trigger an instant orgasm. The resulting device could bring pleasure to his female patients. Orgasmotron brings orgasms at the push of a button.

"A remote-control device that pleasures women at the click of a button," said Meloy.

The device is used for the treatment of "female orgasm dysfunction," and looks like a box the size of a hand, with two thin wires attached to the nerves in woman's spine centers connected to sexual pleasure. Women who use the device feel as if their clitoris and vagina are being really stimulated.

"One woman asked me, 'Would it be considered adultery if I gave the remote control to someone other than my husband?'. Some volunteers also report fleeting episodes of clenched foot muscles, probably a result of electrical pulses leaving the spine and stimulating nearby motor nerves. And when the device's pulse intensity is cranked up to maximum, some women find their vaginal and rectal muscles squeezing rhythmically in time with the pulses, even before the orgasmic finale," said Meloy.

Men are not neglected by these studies. Meloy has used the device on impotent men, and the subjects got an erection and had powerful ejaculations. Just one thing: orgasms do not come cheap: Orgasmatron costs around $12,000.


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