Oregon Zoo Welcomes Otter Pup

The adorable baby otter only weighs about 12 ounces

The Oregon Zoo is now home to a baby river otter whose annoyingly adorable looks are already causing quite a stir amongst members of the staff.

According to the zoo employees in charge of looking after it, the baby North American river otter only weighs about 12 ounces (roughly 350 grams) for the time being.

However, they expect that it will soon start putting on some weight and that, in just a few months' time, it will be ready and willing to step out of its nursery and greet the general public.

Thus, should things go well, visitors will soon be able to see both the baby otter and its mum, Tilly, swimming and fooling around in the Cascade Stream and Pond section of the zoo's Great Northwest exhibit.

Buzzfeed reports that this male baby otter is the first if its kind born at the Oregon Zoo, which is probably why everybody has taken such a liking to it.

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