Oregon Woman Admits to Mail Fraud After Selling 5,000 Illegally Obtained Phones

She made a profit of more than $305,000 (240,000 EUR)

41-year-old Tamara Diane Brown, of Eugene, Oregon, has pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud. Authorities say the woman sold over 5,000 mobile phones on eBay after illegally obtaining them from Sprint.

According to the FBI, the fraudster was working for The Pape Group when she started ordering Sprint mobile phones on behalf of her company.

She sold the devices and made a profit of over $305,000 (240,000 EUR), which she spent on cars, a down payment for a house, and other expenses.

During the time when the fraud scheme took place – between February 2010 and October 2011 – neither Sprint nor The Pape Group noticed that something was amiss.

The sentencing is scheduled for March 20, and if she’s found guilty, Brown could spend as many as 20 years in prison for her crimes. She has also agreed to forfeit all the money she illegally made and pay restitution.

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