Oralift, the Plastic Mouthpiece That Fights Wrinkles

Non-surgical, extremely efficient, anti-ageing product is starting to gain in popularity

It’s long been known that ageing skin has little to do with gravity and more to do with the loss of volume (fat) in the face and the weakening of the muscles. To counteract this and successfully fight the signs of ageing, plastic surgery and injections have been commonly used, with non-invasive procedures beginning to gain popularity only in recent years. Of these, Oralift from London-based dentist Dr. Nick Mohindra promises to successfully reverse old age and keep it at bay for as long as possible, virtually helping every one of us have a seven-year head start from others of our age not using the product.

Oralift promises to do a lot, from eliminating wrinkles and saggy skin, to improving the appearance of the skin (no more blemishes and thread veins), bringing back the healthy, youthful glow, making the crow’s feet disappear and even making uneven faces more symmetrical. Surprisingly enough, despite coming with a price tag of £575, including the fitting, there isn’t much to the device itself: it’s a plastic mouthpiece that is fitted to each patient and ensures that the back teeth are kept at a distance, which, in turn, will reverse the triangle made of our chin and cheekbones and that usually gives away our age.

When we’re young, the triangle has the base on each cheekbone, with the top oriented downwards. As we age, the triangle is reversed, which leads to sagging and the “old look.” Oralift claims to fix that by keeping the back teeth apart and, thus, working the muscles in the entire face. “Oralift Facial Rejuvenation is a natural, non-invasive way to address the signs of facial ageing. Forget expensive creams, painful chemical injections and surgery: people have reported results including reduced jowls, lines, eye bags and pores, a plumped, even complexion, more prominent cheekbones, fuller lips and more volumized hair – while maintaining natural facial movement without bruising or pain.” a post on the Oralift official website reads.

For the £575 tag, the dentist fits the patient with one mouthpiece. A series of instructions is also offered, as no one is supposed to wear the mouthpiece for longer periods than recommended, because it can put a strain on the muscles. Testimonials say that those who have tried it noticed the first results after only a few days: fuller lips, more defined jaw, less wrinkles and an overall healthier glow to the skin. Moreover, Oralift is not painful (maybe only ridiculously looking) and does not require that much of our spare time, as it can be worn indoors while reading, watching TV or cooking.

“You wear it for just 2 hours, every third day. There is no exercise programme, your facial muscles are activated by just having it in your mouth. […] Oralift works by reversing the ‘ageing triangle’ of the lower face. In youth, the base of the triangle is in the area of the cheeks and the point is towards the chin. As jowls develop, the base of the triangle drops to the jaw line and the point is towards the nose. When a person wears the Oralift appliance, it separates the teeth by an amount much greater than their usual resting position, increasing protein activity and building and maintaining muscle tone. Up until now only facial surgery could do this, now the Oralift can achieve similar results, but naturally.” the official page of the product further reads.

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