Optical Drives Are Losing Steam Due to Windows 8

Despite what some may think, the new Windows OS has its disadvantages

The Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft has been looked upon like a saving grace, but now other consequences are coming to light.

One of the “bad” things that Windows 8 has caused is a lull in demand for optical disk drives for laptops.

There isn't any incompatibility between the two. The reason notebook makers are sacrificing ODDs is cost.

Windows 8 relies on touch input. This has led to the addition of touch panels on many laptops, just like many monitors and all-in-one PCs have been getting it.

Since this adds $50-60 to each product's price, throwing in an ODD would push the cost higher than customers would be willing to pay.

Right now, 60% of all laptops have an ODD, instead of 70%, and Windows 8 has only been out for about two months.

15-inch and larger notebooks still get ODDs, especially in emerging markets, but that isn't completely balancing out the drop.

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