Optical Disks Becoming 50% More Expensive

2013 will really be an interesting year for disk lovers

The optical drive market lost ground ever since flash drives and portable HDDs/SSDs appeared, but it is still going to be around for a while. That doesn't mean the opposite cannot happen though.

Market watchers expect a big change to happen on the optical disk market, due to a reshuffle of resources and manufacturers.

Basically, disks are going to rise in price by around 50% during 2013, compared to 2012.

Apparently, despite the convenience of those alternate storage devices we’ve mentioned, optical disks, or at least DVDs, are experiencing a new demand upsurge.

The same goes for Blu-ray disks. New markets are proving particularly favorable to the two OD types.

It doesn't hurt that 2012 will bring a drop in disk demand of under 10%, instead of the 10-15% projected at the start of the year.

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