Oprah Tweets Her Love for Microsoft’s Surface from an iPad

The Surface tablet made her Favorite Things gift list for 2012

Oprah Winfrey, the famous talk show host, has already expressed her love for Microsoft’s Surface tablet when she included the device on the Favorite Things gift list for 2012.

Trying to show everyone on Twitter how much she actually likes the Surface, Oprah posted a message that said “Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts. #FavoriteThings.”

There’s nothing unusual with the message and Microsoft fanboys would actually claim that it’s no surprise Oprah loves the Surface. But just like the editors over at Zagg.com noticed, the message was actually submitted from an iPad. Which is actually one of the fiercest rivals for the Surface.

The Twitter website doesn’t reveal the platform you are using to post new messages, but some third-party clients, including the iPhone and iPad Twitter app, do that. And the living proof is Oprah’s very own message.

Leaving this unfortunate moment aside, it’s worth mentioning that Microsoft’s Surface will also be included in the company’s Black Friday deals to be launched this week.

Consumers who opt for a Surface bundle can save $50 (€39) for a second Touch or Type Cover, Microsoft said. While this may sound a bit stupid and useless, it’s not. Not with so many reports claiming that the Surface keyboard breaks out in just a few days.

The Surface is available in three different versions, two with 32 GB of storage space and another one with 64 GB. The cheapest model has a price tag of $499 (€380) in the United States and doesn’t come with Microsoft’s Touch Cover.

The top-of-the-range model, on the other hand, offers not only 64 GB of storage space, but it’s also delivered with the magic cover that lets you type around 86 words per minute, according to a statement released by the Surface team.

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