Operation Bahrain Video Released by Anonymous

The hackers encourage the people of Bahrain to continue protests

Anonymous hacktivists have become highly involved in the past period in the protests that take place worldwide against governing regimes. Their latest video reveals the hackers’ support for the people of Bahrain which have been demanding freedom and democracy.

“For over one year the people of Bahrain have peacefully protested in the streets for freedom, justice, and democracy. They have been met with tear gas, live ammunition, torture, kidnapping and death while the United Nations and countries around the world turn their backs,” Anonymous representatives say.

In February, we had the opportunity to talk to one of the hackers that’s actively involved in this campaign. At the time, S3rver.exe managed to breach the official sites of Bahrain’s Ministry of Education and the country’s ICT Specific Council.

“To the people of Bahrain, continue protesting. Continue demonstrating peacefully. You have the support of the people of the world and you will have the freedom you deserve,” the hacktivists say in their latest video statement.

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