Opera Mobile 9 Unveiled

The new version includes Widgets and Intelligent Zoom

Opera Software has made public its plans to upgrade its mobile Internet browser Opera Mobile to the 9th version. Covering all major platforms, the upgraded edition will offer mobile users comparable functionality to the PC version, including Widgets and Intelligent Zoom.

Opera 9 on mobile phones will add completely new dimensions to navigation, allowing users to alternate between viewing modes to get a birds-eye perspective or zoom in on the content they want. Users will have the choice to see an overview of a Web page or adapt the page to fit the width of the screen. As first seen with the Opera browser for Wii, Intelligent Zoom will allow users to zoom in directly to a selected area.

Widgets will also debut on mobile phones with the upcoming release Opera Mobile 9. These small Web applications running outside of the browser allow users, manufacturers and operators to create and personalize services derived from Web content such as weather and traffic information, news and e-mail. Widgets offer Web applications that are instantly accessible on the phone without having to launch the Web browser, presenting dynamic content directly to users.

"We are impressed with the constantly evolving experience of browsing the Web," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software. "Bringing Opera 9 to mobile phones will present new capabilities in mobile Web services that will be exciting to see defined."

Following is a list of features that will be implemented in Opera Mobile 9:

- Intelligent Zoom: Zoom in directly to a selected area and continue scrolling for a closer view.

- Grab and scroll: Touch and direct the page up or down on touch-screen devices.

- Multiple Windows/Tabbed browsing: Use multiple windows for multi-task browsing.

- Opera Widgets: Small Web applications that users can easily access without having to open the Web browser.

- Web-address input auto-completion: Reduce input time with an index of address completions.

- Password manager: The password manager remembers your usernames and passwords so you don't have to.

- Download manager: View download progress and access all your downloads from one simple transfer manager window.

- Pop-up blocker: Control whether to block all pop-ups or open only the ones that you have requested.

- Bookmarks and History: Keep quick access to your favorites and get back to your last viewed sites.

- Send link as e-mail, SMS, MMS: Send links to e-mail or as messages directly from the browser.

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