Opera Mini and Opera Mobile Top 215 Million Users

Over 194 million of them were using Opera Mini in October

Opera Software’ mobile browsers are increasingly popular among end-users, with over 215 million of them taking advantage of these apps in October, the latest report from the company unveils.

More than 21 million users have had Opera Mobile installed on their smartphones last month, the software company notes, adding that Opera Mini was used by over 194 million people in the same timeframe.

When compared to the same month a year ago, the usage of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile has increased by 33 percent, the company also says.

“Opera Mini is the preferred app for millions of users appreciating its compression technology, so up to 90 percent less traffic is downloaded. This also means faster browsing on slow networks. Opera Mini is available from m.opera.com or from any app store,” Opera notes.

Through analyzing the usage of top-level domains among the Opera Mini user base, Opera also provided an insight at how people around the world are enjoying access to social networking sites on their devices.

Thus, the company unveiled that users in Macao are the most active Facebook users, while Indonesians represent the largest amount of Facebook users on Opera Mini.

At the same time, the report shows that people in Paraguay and Japan are the most active users when it comes to accessing Twitter in Opera Mini. In terms of unique users, Indonesia comes first once again.

“Odnoklassniki and vKontakte are some of the largest non-western networks, having more than 10% of the user base in 12 and 10 countries, respectively,” the company also notes.

“Weibo is mostly used inside China only but there is some usage in East Asian region and the Americas.”

The report also unveiled the fact that users in Estonia are using both western social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and Russian-based social networks such as Odnoklassniki and vKontakte.

While 30 percent of Opera Mini users in Estonia access Facebook at least once a month, 7.8 percent of them visit Odnoklassniki, and 18 percent go to vKontakte in the same time period. The full report is available on Opera’s website.

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