Opera Mini Data Plan Launched in Vietnam

Available at MobiFone for people who are using Opera Mini

Today, Vietnamese mobile phone carrier MobiFone announced the availability of an Opera Mini Data Plan for its users, designed in partnership with Opera Software.

The new offering is aimed at all users with a new, affordable way of browsing the web, with unlimited Internet browsing included inside, and with a fast experience at only 15,000 VND per month (less than $1).

Through this Opera Mini Data Plan, subscribers will be able to enjoy free data for downloading files smaller than 15MB over MobiFone’s GPRS/EDGE and 3G networks.

However, the wireless carrier notes that users won’t be able to enjoy video and audio streaming as part of this plan. Furthermore, those who would like to enjoy the offer will need to use Opera Mini 4.3 or later on their devices.

“This attractive Opera Mini Data Plan is designed to offer customers who have little or limited access to internet the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of mobile internet access,” Nguyen Dinh Chien, deputy director of MobiFone, said.

“Opera Mini works especially well for a wide range of 2G and 2.5G basic phones and smartphones. The partnership with Opera Software is part of our commitment to continuously improve our service quality by providing more options for various market segments at a reasonable cost.”

With Opera Mini, users can enjoy great cost savings, since the browser can compress data by up to 90 percent. Thus, the browsing experience is also faster than on normal browsers, and can be enjoyed even on 2G and 2.5G phones.

Opera Mini is one of the most popular mobile browsers in the world, with over 190 million users as of November 2012.

According to Opera, the browser is also highly popular in Vietnam, where millions of users already take advantage of its features to access the web. The app has seen an increase in usage of over 35 percent year on year in October 2012.

“The number of web surfers will undoubtedly grow further in Vietnam with MobiFone's highly affordable, unlimited Opera Mini Data Plan,” says Brian Bae, VP Sales & Marketing Regional Head for South East Asia at Opera Software.

Opera Mini is available on just about every internet-capable phone and opens up the internet to the previously unconnected. More Vietnamese consumers will become netizens so they can share in the power of the internet.”

Users interested in taking advantage of the new Opera Mini Data Plan will have to download and install the MobiFone/Opera Mini browser and then send the registration text message “DK OPE” to 999. They can also head to opera.mobifone.com.vn to register.

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