Opera Mini Arrives in Mexico on Telcel’s Handsets

It will provide users with Internet access at low rates

Opera Software and wireless carrier Telcel have signed a partnership to bring the Opera Mini browser to millions of mobile phone users in Mexico.

The two companies will deliver a customized version of the popular mobile browser to Telcel’s subscribers, enabling them to enjoy Internet on the go at very low costs.

At the moment, Opera Mini enjoys a subscriber base of over 179 million users worldwide, being one of the most used mobile browser around the globe.

The customized flavor of the application is now available for Telcel’s 67 million subscribers in Mexico, providing them with a compression feature that saves up to 90 percent data traffic, thus offering more value for their money.

“We are thrilled to make Opera Mini part of our offerings to our customers, who need a fast and cost-effective solution to browsing the internet on their mobile devices”, said Alejandro Magaña, VAS deputy director, Telcel.

“The best part about Opera Mini is it provides a consistent and smartphone-like user experience across a broad range of handsets, including basic phones, which is very useful to our customer base.”

The wireless carrier also announced that all Telcel customers who are already using Opera Mini on their devices would be automatically upgraded to the customized version of the application.

Though it, they will benefit from quick access to Telcel’s data plans, as well as to other services. Those who would like to try the application can find the customized Opera Mini available on Opera’s website.

“Opera’s goal is to give the best possible user experience on any device and any network,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

“Designed for speed and ease of use, Opera Mini provides insanely fast browsing – up to six times faster than other browsers on both 2G and 3G networks. Giving this capability to Telcel users is very exciting for us.”

The launch of this app flavor is part of an agreement that Opera signed with Telcel’s parent company America Movil, which aims at bringing Opera Mini to users in 18 countries in Latin America.

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