Opera Is Now the Default Browser for Nokia X Series

The application was previously pre-loaded on all X family smartphones

Opera and Nokia have a long history together, which was recently highlighted by the introduction of the former’s browser into the X lineup of Android smartphones.

However, while Opera Browser comes pre-installed on all Nokia X smartphones, it wasn’t the default browser. Nokia Browser was by default the application that X smartphones owners could use, although they could set Opera as their main mobile browser if they wanted to.

Well, starting with the Nokia X2, this won’t be necessary anymore, as Opera has just announced that its application is now the default browser for the X family of smartphones.

“Our companies have enjoyed a long history together, and this represents a huge step forward for both of the companies. We have worked closely with the Microsoft Devices Group on this project, to make sure the users of Nokia X affordable smartphones can have the best web browsing experience right out of the box,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

Opera Browser is available for download via Nokia Store, but it comes pre-loaded on all Nokia X smartphones, so there’s no need to get it again.

The latest version of Opera for Nokia X smartphone brings features like Opera Turbo, Discover and Speed Dial. With Opera Turbo, users can be sure that their browser compresses data to the maximum.

Most of these features are already available on the Nokia X smartphones, but for those who are currently using the default Nokia Browser, here is a quick recap, so that they know what to expect from the now default Opera browser.

When switching on compression with Opera Turbo, all webpages are compressed by Opera servers, so your Nokia X smartphone will consume less data. This is a great advantage for those who are on PAYG (pay as you go) data plans, as well as for those who are travelling and depend on roaming.

The Discover feature provides Nokia X owners with the option to find the content they are interested in much faster. The feature can be customized, so the list of content can be sorted by region or topic.

The popular Speed Dial feature is present as well, thus allowing users to add the most frequently visited websites easily. Obviously, the Speed Dial is fully customizable as well, so users can save, move and organize all the entries into folders.

Opera for Android is also available for download via Google Play Store and comes with similar features, so those switching from other Android smartphones to Nokia X will find it quite familiar.

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