Opera Intros Opera Mini 4.5 for Basic Phones (Java and BlackBerry)

The browser is aimed at basic, low-cost mobile phones

Today Opera Software announced a new flavor of its popular Opera Mini browser for basic devices running Java and BlackBerry (OS 4.0 and 4.2), namely Opera Mini 4.5.

The new browser release is meant to bring a first-class surfing experience to low-price mobile phones, courtesy of some appealing enhancements, including improved performance over the previous versions of the application.

According to Opera, the new Opera Mini 4.5 browser can be installed even on the most basic phones available for purchase today.

All that it takes is for the handset to be able to run a Java game, or for the BlackBerry smartphone to run Java.

However, users with more advanced Java phones will get the option to download the new Opera Mini 7.5.3 browser, which is better suited for devices with more capable hardware, the company notes.

Some of the features that users will be able to take advantage of in the new Opera Mini 4.5 include:

- Download manager: With the download manager, you get better control of downloading new content to your mobile phone. Pause, resume and manage the download process, just as you would on more expensive phones or smartphones.

- Privacy mode: Need to lend out your phone to a Facebook-checking friend? Turn on Privacy mode first, that way, Opera Mini won’t save any Facebook logins or data from your friend’s browsing. Once your friend is done borrowing your phone, all his personal data is gone, once the private tab is closed.

- New, fresh look: The look and feel of Opera Mini 4.5 has been updated and refreshed. It’s now lighter and even more user friendly, with touch enhancements for supported phones.

Additionally, the application will continue to provide cost-saving features to its users, courtesy of the compression technology that it has been packed with, which squeezes pages by up to 90 percent before sending them to the handset.

Opera Mini 4.5 for Java can be found on this page on Softpedia, while the BlackBerry flavor is available via this link.

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