Opera Intros New KZ-Opera 4.0 Mobile Browser

Delivers faster speeds and a range of new features

Opera Software announced on Wednesday the launch of KZ-Opera 4.0 mobile browser in China, in collaboration with Kong.net. According to the company, the new software solution is based on the widely popular Opera Mini 4.2 and comes towards users in the country with speed enhancements and with overall performance improvements. In addition, the company also says that the browser brings a series of impressive new features, including multiple-tabbed start page, a night mode, or changeable skins.

Moreover, the new KZ-Opera 4.0 is also meant to offer Chinese users a 3G-like experience even at times when it is used in a 2G environment. The new solution comes with improved rendering quality, compared to the previously available versions, due to upgraded servers, the company says, and also includes Opera’s industry-leading data-compression technology, enabling savings of up to 90 percent in data consumption. The new user interface that the browser features should prove a great option for the mobile phone users in the country.

“As China is walking into the 3G era, we believe this browser that combines Opera’s world leading mobile browsing technology and Kong.net’s years of mobile Internet experience in China will provide Chinese mobile users with better mobile browsing,” said Li Yang, Kong.ent vice president. Song Lin, Opera China’s general manager, added: “China is one of our most important markets. We are looking forward to working with more excellent Chinese companies like Kong.net to bring the best browsing experience to Chinese consumers.”

The feature list of the new KZ-Opera 4.0 includes faster start times, due to the fact that the browser loads a local page, not a remote one, automatic update of the start page, advanced night mode, enhanced monthly data statistics report, pre-load support, optimized cmwap/cmnet connection, digital-key navigation support, and changeable skins. Some of the features that were already available with previous versions have been enhanced as well, including automatic address completion, Opera Link, upload/download, page save and offline browsing.

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