Opera 24 Dev Update Brings Tab Preview for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

The latest version of Opera can be downloaded from Softpedia

The Opera developers have released a new update for their Internet browser, bringing a ton of changes and improvements, but, above all, a new interesting feature called Tab Preview.

One of the features that have been requested by the Opera community is called Tab Previews and the developers have decided to implement it, only in the dev version of the browser for now. This new feature will allow users to see the contents of an already opened tab without clicking on it, just by hovering with the mouse.

“Too many tabs opened? Tab preview helps you open the tab you’re looking for because it gives you a peek into each page, making it easier for you to switch from tab to tab. It also helps you manage your browsing time better. You can, for example, look at the preview of your Google Mail or Facebook wall without actually switching to that tab,” reads the official announcement.

The developers have explained that this feature is experimental and that there is definitely room for improvement. In fact, the devs have asked users to give some feedback on this new option and include details on their input device (mouse, trackpad, etc.).

The new Opera 24 Dev also comes with HiDPI support, although, to be fair, a lot of other apps included this particular feature a long time ago. It's now possible to use Opera much better on small displays that have a really high resolution (hence the name).

“We’re also happy to announce that Opera now looks nice and crisp on high DPI (low physical dimensions, high resolution) displays. Updated visuals are enabled by default if you happen to own such display device,” also said the devs in the blog post.

The latest Opera 24 Dev actually has the version number 24.0.1543.0 and comes with numerous other changes as well. For example, a show “click to play” placeholder button for video and audio has been added, a rare crash that occurred when downloading a file over an unstable connection has been fixed, a rare crash that occurred when the HTML5 Notification API was used has been corrected, a way to have an alternate start page has been added, and a crash in Opera’s cookies extension support has been fixed.

Also, users are now able to find advanced settings after page reload, cycling tabs no longer gets stuck in a highlighted, but not activated state, the title of the tab preview is now updated when the new preview is shown, and Opera no longer crashes when importing the Google Chrome profile on Linux.

You can download Opera 24 for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, right now from Softpedia.

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