Opera 12.10 Brings HTML5 Fullscreen Support, Download Now

The latest version of Opera for Linux can be downloaded from Softpedia

Opera, an Internet browser developed by Opera Software that provides support for RSS feeds, BitTorrent, IRC chatting, contact management, and many other features, is now at version 12.10.

After quite a few release candidates, the new Opera 12.10 is finally here and it brings a buck load of new features.

The sheer number of changes in the new Opera browser is overwhelming, but the most important of all is the enhancement of the HTML5 specification, by adding a Fullscreen API.

“Opera 12.10 adds partial support for the Fullscreen API that allows video, games or web pages to use the whole screen to remove distractions like browser chrome that can divert your attention from skateboarding kittens or shooting aliens,” stated Andreas Bovens, group leader of Developer Relations for Opera Software.

Besides the Fullscreen API, the guys at Opera Software also implemented partial support for the Page Visibility API, which allows a tab to know if it isn't visible. This features would suspend resource-hungry animations or pause HTML5 audio/video until the tab returns to view.

Highlights of Opera 12.10:

• Support for the International Color Consortium (ICC) profile v4 has been implemented, making photographs more vibrant and colorful;

• Support for the open networking protocol SPDY has been added, making web pages load faster on SPDY-enabled sites such as Twitter, Gmail, WordPress and (soon) Facebook;

• Several new APIs for developers have been added;

• Web Sockets are now available in Opera 12.10;

• Support for the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module, aka Flexbox, has been implemented;

• Support for CSS Conditional Rules Module Level 3 aka @supports, has been added;

• User-Agent strings have been simplified by dropping the "U;" token, as well as the language indicator;

• Support for unprefixed CSS transitions, transforms, gradients, animations and flexbox, has been implemented;

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of changes and new features.

Download Opera 12.10 right now from Softpedia.

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