Opera 10.0 Beta 3 Available for Download

Just one month after Beta 2

A new development milestone of Opera 10.0 browser is currently available for download. The latest snapshot offered by the Norwegian browser maker is labeled Beta 3 and is up for grabs for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users. In this regard, the third Beta of Opera 10.0 comes at just a little under one month since the release of the previous Beta development milestone, which was offered to testers in mid-July 2009. Users looking to start running Opera 10.0 Beta 3 should be aware of the fact that the build is a development snapshot and, as such, it could contain severe known issues, from crashes to data loss bugs.

“We have been doing a lot of work on stability since beta 1 and beta 2, which means that this is likely one of our most stable releases ever. Keep reporting those crashes, though! We want to make Opera even more stable for the final version,” revealed a member of the Desktop (QA) department at Opera.

Opera 10.0 Beta 3 comes to the table in almost 40 localized versions. Translated into approximately 40 languages, Opera 10.0 Beta 3 needs to be tested for any issues associated with the localized flavors. Opera is of course welcoming all feedback related to problems with the available translations. There are a few glitches that testers need to be aware of from the get go, such as the fact that a few strings are missing from the Dutch translation, and that users won’t be able to install a different Asian language on certain Windows computers with Asian languages.

“On the visual site, the skin has received further facelifts, including a new attention state design where a dot tells you if a page is unviewed. Visual tabs can also be placed to the left or right, which is especially useful for widescreen monitors,” the Opera Desktop (QA) department member added.

Testers should also be aware of the fact that the official Opera 10.0 Beta 3 does not contain Opera Unite. However, the browser maker has also made available for download alternative snapshots of Opera 10.0, which also include Opera Unite. “Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Opera Unite! It might not be part of beta 3, but we have still been working hard on improving it. So for those of you who want to test that, please download one of the [alternative] builds instead of the official beta 3. These builds are basically the same as beta 3, only with Unite included,” the Opera Desktop (QA) department representative added.

Opera 10.0 Beta 3 is available for download here.

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