Hacked and Defaced

OpenSSL Project representatives have promised to provide more details on the attack, the official website of the OpenSSL Project, has been breached and defaced by members of a Turkish hacking collective called TurkGuvenligi.

The attack took place on Sunday. The hackers defaced the main page of with a message that read, “TurkGuvenligiTurkSec Was Here @turkguvenligi + we love openssl.”

At the time of writing, the OpenSSL website has been restored and it appears to be working properly. A mirror of the defacement is available on

Following the attack, representatives of the OpenSSL Project have said that they’ve checked all source repositories and they appear to be unaffected. They’ve promised to provide more details on how the hackers managed to breach their website in a future statement.

According to their Wikipedia page, the hacking group TurkGuvenligi has been around since 2008 and it has between 5 and 10 members.

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