OpenMorrowind 0.22.0 Finally Gets Body Animations

The sheer number of improvements in this version is very impressive

OpenMW, an open source implementation of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind game engine and functionality, is now at version 0.22.0.

OpenMW or OpenMorrowind is an ambitious project that aims to bring one of best role-playing games ever created into the open-source world.

This latest version is a major update for the game and it finally introduces the animations, a feature that everyone was waiting for.

“Another major feature implemented in this release is support for loading multiple ESM and ESP files. Prepare to travel to Mournhold, Bloodmoon, and beyond into Tamriel Rebuilt and other mods,” reads the official announcement.

The new version of OpenMW – 0.22.0 – comes with a lot of changes and great new features, including a new level up system.

Highlights of OpenMW 0.22.0:

• Active Spell Icons have been implemented;

• Walking, running, and swimming animations have been added;

• Support for ESPs and multiple ESMs has been added;

• Proper collision shapes have been added for NPCs and creatures;

• The lighting system resembles more the one used in vanilla Morrowind;

• Importing BSA files, as part of the settings imported by the config importer, is now possible;

• Zooming is now possible in the vanity mode;

• Potions and ingredients effect stacking has been added;

• Rendered object shapes are now used for physics raycasts;

• The race selection preview camera has been improved;

• Class and Birthsign menus options are now preselected;

• The dialog window has been disabled until the character creation is finished;

• Re-factored Launcher ESX selector into a re-usable component;

• Various fixes and implementations for the script compiler have been implemented.

A complete list of changes and new features can be found in the official announcement.

Users must legally own and install Morrowind before they can use OpenMW as it is intended – to play Morrowind.

Download OpenMW 0.22.0 right now from Softpedia.

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