Open Platform for PlayStation 3

Fedora Core 5 PPC for PS3

Sony updated yesterday their Open Platform website needed to install PPC Linux on the PlayStation 3 gaming platform.

The PlayStation 3 platform allows a third-party system software to be installed on it, besides its system software provided by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Installing other operating systems on PS3 requires two files, one is the “Other OS Installer” distributed by Sony (which is called installer hereafter), and the other is the “Other OS boot loader” (called boot loader hereafter) provided by the third party.

You can download the CELL Linux ADDON CD image, which has the bootloader (kboot/otheros.bld) and instructions needed to install the PPC version of Fedora Core 5 Linux distribution.

Let's have a look at the requirements for installing "Other OS" on the PS3 platform:

• Personal computer (PC)

• PLAYSTATION®3 (a free space of 10 MB or more must be available on the hard disk)

• Environment that allows your PC to connect to the Internet

• Any of the following recording media with a free space of 10 MB or more

-Commercially available USB memory device

-Commercially available USB-connectable hard disk

-Empty CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVE+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, BD-R, or BD-RE disc

-Memory Stick

-SD memory card


You can find a manual with download and installation instructions at the Open Platform website of the new PLAYSTATION®3 gaming platform.

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