OpSlaughterHouse: Sites of Pakistan's Okara Police and PoliceOne Hacked

The details of thousands of users have been leaked as a result of the breaches

A hacker called Game Over has managed to breach a couple of police websites in an operation called OpSlaughterHouse.

The targets are the sites of Pakistan’s District Police Okara and PoliceOne, advertised as being the most comprehensive online resource for law enforcement agencies and police departments.

CWN reports that from the website of Okara Police, the hacker has leaked the details of thousands of users, including the username and the password of the site’s administrator.

On the other hand, from the site of PoliceOne, Game Over has published the usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords of 900 customers.

The information has been removed from Pastebin, but the hacker has told CWN that he has actually managed to gain access to over 50,000 accounts after breaching one of the site’s subdomains.

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