OpSlaughterHouse: Game Over Hackers Launch Operation Against Police

They claim to have taken down the site of the FBI's IC3

By on January 17th, 2013 09:34 GMT

Hackers from the Game Over group have launched a campaign against police, called Operation Slaughter House (OpSlaughterHouse). 

“For too long the Police have abused their powers and so called ‘rights’ to abuse and harm civilians for no other reason then to silence the people and keep the voices of the Corrupt STRONG. BUT you did not plan for us, we are not your average Anon, we're MUCH MUCH more,” the hackers stated.

“We have access to more then you can imagine and we will not be stopped. We're going after your databases, your financial establishments, your unions, your forms of communication and SO MUCH MORE.”

As part of this operation, some police and law enforcement-related sites have already been targeted, including the ones of Pakistan’s District Police Okara and PoliceOne.

Furthermore, on Thursday, the hackers also claimed to have disrupted the official site of the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaints Center (IC3).