OpKashmir: Anonymous Protests Against Internet Shutdown

The shutdown coincides with the execution of Mohammad Afzal Guru

Anonymous hacktivists report that the execution of Mohammad Afzal Guru, an individual accused of attacking the Indian Parliament in 2001, coincided with an Internet shutdown, a strict curfew and a media blackout in the region of Kashmir.

The hacktivists now call upon their supporters to help them in restoring the Internet and the presence of media in the region.

“The execution sparked a wave of protests in the region followed by a brutal repression. Many protesters have been injured and three deaths at the hands on Indian forces have been confirmed and people fear that the toll will rise,” the hacktivists stated.

They added, “Since the beginning, the media blackout has intensified in parallel to an escalation of the violence toward the protestors.”

“We asked to all Anons to join us in helping lifting the curfew, and re-establish a media presence and the internet to make sure the Kashmiris are safe from repression and their aspirations are heard by the world.”

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