OpJubilee: Several Hundred Anonymous Supporters Protest at British Parliament

Some of the protesters were arrested by the Metropolitan Police

Several hundred Anonymous supporters gathered yesterday, on November 5, in front of the Parliament building in London, not only to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, but also to protest against the government in a campaign they called Operation Jubilee.

Although the initiators of the operation promoted the campaign intensely by hacking various websites, they couldn’t get millions of individuals to rally to Parliament as they had hoped.

However, their protests didn’t go unnoticed. According to the BBC, not all the participants were peaceful and the Metropolitan Police was forced to detain some of them.

Also, Members of Parliament and staffers could not leave the building using the front gate.

As far as the online November 5 protests are concerned, a lot of websites were attacked. However, as expected, Facebook wasn’t taken down.

Hackers have claimed to have breached the sites of Symantec, ImageShack and even PayPal, but none of the break-ins has been confirmed by the targeted companies’ representatives.

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