OpIsrael: Hacker Leaks Data Allegedly Obtained from Israeli Student Association

Other hacktivists are also contributing to the campaign by dumping information

Hackers from all over the world are contributing these days to Operation Israel (OpIsrael), a campaign launched by hacktivists after the airstrikes against Palestine began. One hacker, c0mandEr0r, has leaked the details of over 3,000 users, allegedly stolen from the site of an Israeli student association (agudahit.co.il).

The information, published on Pastebin, comprises usernames – represented by email addresses – and their associated passwords in clear text.

This is not the only data leak that affects Israeli users. Hackers from the Kosovo Hackers Security group have dumped the names, emails addresses, phone numbers and other details of some 35,000 users.

Also, Cyber War News reports that an additional 12,000 usernames and emails have been leaked online by a hacker who claims to have obtained the information after breaching the Unity Coalition for Israel.

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