OpDutchPirateBay: Anonymous Hackers Say Attacking ISPs Is a Mistake [Video]

Initially, hacktivists were urged to target the systems of providers

At the beginning of October, some Anonymous hackers announced the start of Operation Dutch Pirate Bay (OpDutchPirateBay) as a form of protest against the blockades instated by many of the Netherlands’ Internet service providers (ISPs.)

The operation was supposed to start a couple of days ago, on October 13, the targets being organizations such as anti-piracy outfit BREIN, Tele2, Ziggo, UPC, KPN and others.

“We are very displeased, just because BREIN anti piracy has a few little political friends and the tendency to create fake evidence, doesn’t mean they should have the power to [expletive] with our internet,” Anonymous hackers said in the initial video statement.

“The only ones that actually profit from the Pirate Bay blockade are the sick millionaires of the entertainment industry and some more sickening parasites, but this doesn’t profit the artists, nor the Internet users and citizens at all.”

However, the initiator of OpDutchPirateBay came forward with another statement, saying that the initial video was published by a “brother” who failed to consult with others before making the announcement public.

“I agree with the fact that something must be done against the blockade, but this is not the way to do it,” the creator of the RevolutionMessage YouTube account revealed.

“No, attacking providers is a huge mistake. We must focus on the people that caused this blockade: BREIN Anti-Piracy and the corrupt judge. Our utmost apologies for the inconvenience, it shall not happen again.”

Other Anonymous supporters highlighted the fact that ISPs should not be targeted because in most cases they were trying to fight the blockades ordered by the anti-piracy organization.

Here is the first YouTube video which detailed OpDutchPirateBay:

Here is the second clip in which the initiator of the operation apologizes for telling hacktivists to focus their efforts on Dutch ISPs:

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