OpBigBrother: Sites of Several CCTV Resellers and Security Firms Hacked by Anonymous

Websites have been defaced and data has been leaked from their databases

On February 23, Anonymous activists organized anti-surveillance protests all over the world. Besides the protests that took place in the real world, some hacktivists protested by breaching several websites belonging to CCTV resellers and security companies.

Cyber War News has analyzed some of the hacked websites and has found that the companies that own them are located in several countries, including Italy, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan, Greece, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and the US.

Most of the websites belong to private businesses, but the hackers have also managed to breach the one of the Royal Bhutan Police (rbp.gov.bt).

A handful of the targeted websites have only been defaced, but from most of them, the hacktivists have also leaked information from their databases.

In some cases, email addresses, usernames and passwords, some of which in clear text, have been published online.

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