OpBerlusconi: Anonymous Launches Campaign Against Italian Government – Video

The hacktivists are determined to rid the country of corruption

On Sunday, Anonymous hackers announced the start of Operation Berlusconi, a campaign whose main goal is to rid Italy of corruption.

The hacktivists say that the Italian government has become corrupted because of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and others.

“This day is now coming that Anonymous Italy will take a end of this corruption. We will let the corruption burn and giving the citizens a normal government without corruption (sic),” Anonymous said in its latest video statement.

“Has the Italian government not learn from the past? Has it not seen the 2009 revolutions? We will fight till there’s no more corruption. Expect Anonymous Italy coming back,” they added.

They haven’t announced any immediate actions that will be taken, but they tell the Italian government that it should have expected them.

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