OpAngel: Anonymous to Protest in Boston, Demands the Resignation of Carmen Ortiz

The activists will meet on March 4 at Boston's Federal Courthouse

The hacking part of OpAngel, the campaign initiated after the death of Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, has become OpLastResort. However, OpAngel continues with live protests.

Anonymous calls on its supporters to protest against “the treatment” of Aaron Swartz by the US Department of Justice during his prosecution, on March 4, at 3PM ET, in front of Boston’s Federal Courthouse.

The activists also call for the resignation of Carmen Ortiz, United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts.

Besides live protests, Anonymous also urges supporters to flood the phone lines of Moakley Courthouse.

“Request that Carmen Ortiz be fired/resign/tell them you want to stop the gross prosecutorial overreach as witness in the Aaron Swartz case. Tell them whatever, have a lulz, ask if they’re refrigerator is running, whatever, just clog the main switch as much as we can!” the hackers urged their followers.

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