Only Server Intel Broadwell CPUs Will Support DDR4

At least that means that the 20-40% more efficient memory isn't getting delayed

After learning about the likely support for GT3 Iris Pro graphics on Intel Broadwell-K CPUs in 2014, I figure that people might want to know more about the Broadwell line in general.

Sadly, not all the news is good, although it can't really be called news at all when it's just rumors.

Still, there are murmurs on the net, murmurs that speak of the Intel Broadwell CPUs set for 2014 release and DDR4 memory.

More specifically, rumors about how Broadwell won't support DDR4. Except for server chips that is, and even those won't be out before the late part of next year.

I suppose it makes sense that servers would get it first, given the power savings and performance gains, but I'd still love to see that 20-40% cut to energy use in desktops, not to mention the performance benefits.

Alas, that won't happen, and we can't look to AMD to save us either, since its own DDR4-capable CPUs/APUs won't be out before 2015 (Carrizo, the successor to Kaveri, will do it).

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