Only One BlackBerry Smartphone to Land at Blackberry World

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion is reportedly gearing up for the launch of a new smartphone in a matter of days, as soon as the Blackberry World conference kicks off on May 3rd.

For some, this might actually come as a surprise, not that RIM wasn't expected to launch something new at the event, but that the expectations were much higher.

Some of the previous reports suggested that RIM might launch a new OS release at the event, along with a number of around 4 or five new devices.

We already had the chance to take a look at these mobile phones, but it seems that we might have to learn a little more before they are officially introduced.

The latest news on the matter suggest that RIM would launch only one of the planned phones at BlackBerry World, most probably the BlackBerry Bold Touch.

The handset should make an appearance on shelves sometimes during summer, rumor has it.

The same would reportedly apply to a range of other new BlackBerry smartphones from the company, all set to be put on sale between June and September this year.

Apparently, this was a last minute change of plans at RIM, though there are no details available on what caused it.

For those out of the loop, we should note that the handset vendor was rumored before to plan the launch of at least four new mobile phones, including the Bold Touch, the BlackBerry Touch (Storm 3), a new Torch model, and the BlackBerry Curve Touch.

Leaked info that emerged on these devices, suggested that some of them would arrive on shelves with 1.2GHz application processors, increased internal memory, enhanced connectivity options, better photos snappers and more.

At the same time, RIM was said to plan pre-loading these handsets with the new BlackBery OS 6.1, which should be launched at Blackberry World in early May.

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