Only 5% of Antivirus Solutions Capable of Detecting Unknown Viruses, Study Finds

Imperva has released its November Hacker Intelligence report

Business security solutions provider Imperva has released its November Hacker Intelligence report. The study, entitled “Assessing the Effectiveness of Antivirus Solutions,” found that less than 5% of the tested antivirus products were capable of detecting previously non-catalogued threats.

They’ve tested a number of 82 viruses against 40 products in a virtual execution environment.

The results of the research show that there are a number of issues which prevent antivirus solutions from being effective: they have difficulties in detecting newly created threats, they lag in updating signatures, and the investments made by organizations in antiviruses are misaligned.

However, Imperva doesn’t recommend the complete removal of antivirus solutions from an effective security posture.

Instead, the firm advises security teams to focus their efforts on detecting abnormal behavior and adjust the amounts of money they spend in modern mitigation solutions.

The complete report is available here

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