Only 4 Percent of Wii Games Are Actually Any Good

The last piece of a three-part study

The console war has seen many battles waged among the top three manufacturers, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, with arguments ranging from the features of their devices to online interactivity or game lineup, each of them claiming to be the best.

We've already reported on Edge magazine's study about the quality of video games for the current console generation, for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. While being very different in terms of features and hardware, the results were pretty neck and neck, as 13 percent of Xbox 360 titles gained a Metacritic rating of 85 or better, as opposed to 17 percent of titles made for the PlayStation 3.

Now, the results for the last console of this generation, the Nintendo Wii, have arrived. Being the most popular console ever since its launch and relatively easy to develop for, you can clearly figure out that a lot of titles aren't very good. But the results from Edge show some worrying results, as only 4 percent of the games made for the Wii have attained a rating of 85 or better, translating into the fact that 12 games made for the console will actually be any good.

On the other side of the scale, the review aggregation service “awarded” a staggering 54 percent of titles, or 155 games, a rating of 65 or lower. These results are in stark contrast with the Xbox 360, as it had only 38 percent of titles in that category, while the PS3 only had 30 percent of its titles that got such low scores.

In conclusion, the results were pretty much expected, as the Wii follows in the steps of the PlayStation 2 in terms of the big number of games released for it that aren't actually any good. Hopefully, developers will try to raise the quality bar in the future and the Wii will have a lot more valuable titles.

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