Online Banking Security Tips from F-Secure Experts – Video

The security firm has launched a video series to answer some all-important questions

Security firm F-Secure has launched a video series to answer some important questions about online banking security.

In the ten short videos, F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikko Hyppönen and Sean Sullivan, Security Advisor at F-Secure Labs detail topics such as remembering strong passwords, ATM security, online shopping and banking, skimmers and fraud.

They also answer some all important questions such as “Is it safe to use a smartphone for online banking?,” “How common is online criminality?” and “What happens if you get robbed online?”

The experts provide some important advice on what to do if you get a warning message when you’re trying to log in to your online banking account.

The video from this post focuses on the question “How do I remember strong passwords?” The rest of the series is available on F-Secure’s community website or on their YouTube channel.

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