One-Month-Old Pudu Deer Is Frightfully Adorable

This baby Pudu deer is an orphan and lives in Santiago

Pictures of an orphaned one-month-old Pudu deer have recently hit the online community, and pretty much everybody agrees that this furball might just be cutest thing they have ever seen.

Buzz Feed explains that Pudu deers only live in the southern regions of Chile and in some parts of Argentina, and that the species is presently threatened with becoming extinct.

Because of this, it need not come as a surprise that conservationists are doing their best to look after this little fellow. Hopefully, the baby deer will manage to make do without its mother.

In case anyone was wondering, Pudu deers are some of the smallest herbivores in the world.

Thus, when they are fully matured, they are about 32 to 44 centimeters (13 to 17 inches) tall and roughly 85 centimeters (33 inches) long.

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