One-Man Electric Helicopter Looks like Something James Bond Would Buy

The helicopter can reach 100km/h (62 mph), keep flying for 30 minutes

Not very long ago, an expo in Nagoya, Japan witnessed the unveiling of a one-man electric helicopter produced by Japanese company Hirobo.

The people who came up with the idea for this innovative and environmentally-friendly means of transportation argue that they first and foremost thought about commuters and people whose job is to provide emergency relief.

This helicopter can reach the speed of 100 km/h (62 mph), and manufacturers claim it can keep going for roughly 30 minutes before it needs to be recharged, Inhabitat reports.

As well as this, the helicopter is fairly silent and has virtually no ecological footprint. Still, most people agree that it basically looks like something taken out of a Jamed Bond movie.

Should things go as planned, producers are thinking about developing a two-seater version as well.

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