One Guy All Alone with 100 PS3s

What can you do with 100 PS3?

Yap, you're seeing it right, there are over 100 PS3s in that picture. They all belong to a dude named Enji, who somehow managed to get a hold of them. I don't know what he had to go through to get his hands on such a large number of consoles, but I guess he held up a store or two.

The story was originally posted on Joystiq, as they report that Enij's PS3s are both 20GB ones and 60 GB. Of course, he plans to resell them, I would too if I were him. He'll probably get a huuuuuuge profit, most likely some several hundred of thousands.

Upon looking at this picture, you might think that life is sometimes cruel. I mean, how can a single bloke get ONE HUNDRED PS3s while the rest of us sit in front of our computers and drool over pictures and youtube clips. These PS3s are probably from the Japanese launch and I guess it's safe to say that their owner is somehow connected with the Japanese underworld. Or maybe he knows somebody who works at the PS3 factory. We could even take into considerations that these PS3s might be knock-offs. I've seen stranger things happen.

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