On Vista SP2 PCs USB 2.0 Bluetooth Devices Stop Working Intermittently

Workarounds are available

Microsoft has acknowledged an issue with USB 2.0 Bluetooth devices that stop working intermittently when connected to computers running Windows Vista Service Pack 2. Although it’s managed to confirm that some users are indeed coming across problems with the latest service pack for Vista, the Redmond company has so far failed to identify the cause of the glitches. In this regard, the software giant only noted that scenarios involving USB 2.0 Bluetooth devices that stopped working intermittently on Vista SP2 machines were under investigation, and that information would be made public when it would become available.

“This issue may occur when a Bluetooth dongle is connected to a USB 2.0 hub. There are limited USB ports available on some chipsets. Therefore, manufacturers sometimes build internal USB 2.0 hubs into their computers. If a Bluetooth dongle is connected to a USB 2.0 hub, the Bluetooth device may stop working intermittently,” Microsoft explained.

Since the issue is under investigation, the Redmond company doesn't have an update in place to resolve it, or even a hotfix for that matter. All the software giant provided are two temporary workarounds designed to restore functionality. “Portable computer users – if your portable computer has a Bluetooth switch, use the Bluetooth switch to enable and disable the Bluetooth radio. Desktop users – disconnect and then reconnect the Bluetooth dongle,” Microsoft stated.

In order to disable and then enable the Bluetooth radio on Windows, Vista SP2 users will need to make their way to the Device Manager. In order to do this, they have to enter Device Manager in the search box under the Start menu. After the Device Manager is launched users have to right-click Bluetooth radio and select Disable. Once it's switched off, right-clicking will provide users with the option to re-enable Bluetooth radio.

Microsoft released Windows Vista SP2 to manufacturing at the end of April 2009. However, the actual bits are not available for public download. Still, the Redmond company pointed out that the availability deadline was planned for the upcoming weeks.

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