On The Fly Search Engine Released By Google

The Custom Search Engine gets new feature

The Google Custom Search Engine is regarded as the best and the easiest way to take the power of the famous Google technology and implement it into your website. Because the Custom Search Engine requires a little configuration, Google wanted to make it easier for all the users and allow them to implement the technology into their websites. The result? The on-the-fly option that enables all interested consumers to take the Custom Search Engine on their pages in a matter of seconds.

Basically, this new function is actually a simple code that must be inserted into your page's HTML content and get a search engine able to find any information available on your website. No additional configuration, no wizard, just a simple code that creates your long-awaited search engine.

"That's what the Custom Search team's new 'on the fly' feature lets you do. You no longer have to manually indicate which websites you'd like people to be able to search. Instead, you can embed a piece of code in your web page that automatically creates a CSE from the links on the page. And it's automatically updated, so if you add new links to your collection, the content on those websites will also be added to your search engine," Jodi Healy, Library Partnerships Manager, said today.

This new function is useful especially for the blogs and the directories that do not currently own a search technology and are looking to include the power of the famous Google into their content. However, you can always create your more-advanced Custom Search Engine that lets you configure the websites indexed by the technology as well as the layout of the SERPs. In addition, you can make money with the search engine by registering it for AdSense, the advertising platform owned by Google.

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