On March 23, NVIDIA Will Launch GK104 Kepler GTX 600 Cards

After asking us for patience, the company finally decides when to come out

After months and months of 28nm video cards being sold only by AMD, we finally know when NVIDIA will launch its next-generation video adapters.

According to Expreview, the first products based on the GK104 GPU will be made available on March 23 (2012).

Since the company just a short time ago boldly said nothing will be able to beat Kepler, many people are eagerly anticipating the release.

It is unclear what the first card will be called. Some think GeForce GTX 680, other mention the GeForce GT 670 Ti name.

Whichever it is, we hope it will live up to its hype, even if 28nm chip shortages do affect supply.

At this point, the fabled GK100 has either been scrapped (unlikely) or will be postponed for the second half of 2012, when AMD launches Sea Islands.

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