Olympus OM-D Retro-Looking ILC Camera Pictured

The long awaited successor of the 1970's OM-1 SLR

With just a few more days to go until the Olympus OM-D becomes official, the first picture of this keenly awaited camera made its way to the Web.

While it definitely doesn’t reveal too much, the image does show the top part of this retro-looking mirrorless snapper, which is said to include a 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor with a built-in 1.44m dot electronic viewfinder (EVF).

A water sealed magnesium body and a brand new auto-focus (AF) system will round up the specs list, together with a 3-inch 610k dot OLED screen that 43 Rumors suggests can be tilted, so you can have a better look at the images you want to capture.

All these however will come at a price, as it seems that Olympus’ interchangeable lens creation will retail for somewhere in the region of $1,300, about 989 EUR.

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