Oldest Woman in The World Dies in Kawasaki, Japan

Koto Okubo, born on Christmas Eve, 1897, is 114 years old

Koto Okubo, holder of the Guinness title for oldest woman in the world for less than a month, has passed away in Kawasaki, near Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Okubo was born on Christmas Eve, 1897. According to The Telegraph, the last holder of the title was Iowa's Dina Manfredini, which I also told you about a while ago. She died on December 17, 2012, the same publication notes.

In 2012, Japan registered a record-breaking 50,000 centenarians. Of the 51,376 people over the age of 100, more than 87 percent were women.

In fact, the title for oldest person woman in the world now goes to another resident of Japan. Misao Okawa is 114 years old, and her title has been validated by the country's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

The world's oldest man, and person, is also Japanese. Jiroemon Kimura is one year older than Mrs. Okubo, and lives in Kyoto.

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