Old Smart Covers Don’t Work with the New iPad

Apple is reportedly exchanging the old models for new ones

People who upgraded to the new iPad from an iPad 2 are discovering that their Smart Covers aren’t working properly with the new device model.

Photographer Mark Booth explains that “The iPad 2′s sleep/wake sensor wasn’t polarity specific,” whereas the new model is. The accessory can no longer be used to put the tablet to sleep when covering its screen.

“It appears Apple is using a new design of sleep/wake sensor in the new iPad. A sleep/wake sensor that is sensitive to polarity.” He shot a video to demonstrate this.

Booth apparently spoke to a case manufacturer in the UK which tested his discovery.

The photographer further explains that “The magnetically-activated sleep/wake function on one of his case designs was working with the iPad 2 but not working with the iPad 3.”

“He disassembl[ed] the first panel of the case's smart cover and reversed the entire panel—thus reversing the polarity of the magnet embedded in the panel—and held the panel in place with clear packaging tape,” writes Booth.

“Then he [the manufacturer] tested the modified case cover on both the iPad 2 and the iPad 3. Success! With the reversed panel, the case cover works perfectly with both the iPad 2 and iPad 3!”, Booth reveals.

This test seems to prove that the magnetic sensor switch in the iPad 2 is not sensitive to polarity, Booth concludes.

“Apple has switched to a different type of sensor switch for use in the iPad 3,” he outlines.

Apple said to be exchanging older Smart Covers for updated models that work with the iPad 3. Apparently, affected customers need to make a trip to their local Apple store for the switch.

It is interesting to note that, if Apple has indeed acknowledged this situation, a support article should have been in order. The company generally makes it a priority out of informing the masses that a recall / exchange is necessary for their hardware.

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