Old “5,000 Free Facebook Credits” Scam Making the Rounds Once Again

Victims are tricked into filling out surveys and handing over their phone numbers

Scams promising free Facebook credits have been around for a few years now, but they never seem to get old. The plot that promises 5,000 free Facebook credits – which we detailed on several occasions in the past – is making the rounds once again.

GFI Software’s Jovi Umawing reveals that the latest version of the scam attempts to trick users into filling out a survey and providing their mobile phone numbers.

Victims are also urged to update their Facebook profiles. This ensures that the scammy post is seen by as many potential victims as possible.

Internauts who have already fallen victim to this scam are advised to clean up their feeds and “unlike” the malicious posts.

Another old scheme that’s currently making the rounds is a SquirrelMail phishing campaign. This one dates back to 2007, but the spam emails that lure users to the phishing site haven’t changed one bit since.

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