Ohly: Dog Spends 2 Weeks on Mt. Seymour, Gets Rescued by Helicopter

Public donations of $9,000 (€6,968) were used to pay for the helicopter rescue mission

Towards the end of November, a Bernese mountain dog named Ohly decided to explore one of British Columbia's snowy mountains, and found himself stranded in a ravine referred to as the Suicide Gully.

Because the terrain was very tricky to explore by foot, Ohly's owners pretty much lost all hope that they might ever be reunited with their adventurous dog.

However, thanks to public donations which amounted to $9,000 (€6,968), Ohly's family managed to afford paying for a helicopter rescue mission, and thus got their pet back.

The Goad family now wishes to thank everybody who decided to lend a helping hand and made it possible for them to rescue Ohly, Huffington Post explains.

“This adventure that Ohly took us on has taught us that even in the big city community does exist. We can not thank the NSR enough for bringing our boy home, the volunteers that kept us going, and all the other supporters and donors,” they commented with respect to this experience.

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