Oh, No! The Faces You Wish You Never Saw!

The world's most scariest celebrities EVER!

You know how we often talk about celebrities and their many blotched plastic surgeries. Well, the truth is that, even when we make fun of them, we should always bear in mind the fact that these people are facing a lifetime filled with mockery and insults, in addition to the hard task of having to face their own (reconstructed) selves each time they look in the mirror.

When I'm saying this, I'm obviously referring to those stars who occasionally made it into our 'Fashion Police' category and were dissed for looking more freakishly than the rest of us, like Michael Jackson, Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, Lil Kim and many more. Then again, they were more than normal when put next to those we are going to talk about today.

First things first, let me start by saying that this post is not about pointing fingers and laughing our asses off or about making light of something that should never be taken easily. The three persons (if they can still be called that) you're about to see next are officially the scariest celebrities that ever lived in Hollywood. Celebrities whatsoever, but still frightening as hell!

Number three on our list is British rocker Pete Burns, a man who started off as a normal guy and only later discovered that a more transgender-ish look appeals more than just the regular image of bad ass rocker. When he and his band, Dead or Alive, broke onto the music scene, he was just going for a more androgynous look, equipped with women's clothes and heavy make up. Then, as time went by, he got lured into that fantasy world of plastic surgery, where one can easily get the face one wants with enough money.

It all started with collagen injections to his lips and, from there, things kind of had the tendency to evolve on their own. As the road to no return was taken, Pete had more work done on his face, ranging from rhinoplasty, to lifting his cheek bones and overall reshaping of the face. The result is something that very much looks like a lady, even if he still claims he isn't one, a grotesque caricature of the man he once was. Again, having surgical procedures in view of a future sex change is not something that anyone would be opposed to (or so I imagine), but let us not forget that Burns still claims he is a man and not a transvestite. It's all for the art of entertaining!

Where is he now? Burns is now suing his plastic surgeon for £1 million for blotching his lips: he says having two enhancing products injected into the muscle of his lips have turned him into a monster, forced to live like a prisoner inside his house, which he couldn't leave for approximately 17 months, except for the times when he went to another doctor, to fix what the first one had ruined. It took him almost 100 (yes, one hundred!) other surgical interventions to make him look acceptable again, since there is no way he could ever look the same as he did before the blotched intervention.

Here comes another famous name (and face), this time a genuine transsexual: Amanda Lepore. Although she is famous for her modeling gigs, her involvement in the advertising campaigns of all the leading fashion lines in the US, her music and her movies, Amanda (born Armand) is still considered America's second biggest freak. She had her first plastic surgery at the tender age of 15, when her boyfriend offered to give it to her. He, the boyfriend, was a surgeon, of course.

Since then, Amanda's road to success has been mixed with visits to the doctor's. At one point, it was even rumored that she would get up monthly on the hospital bed, to have some part of her body done, besides the now common Botox and collagen injections. So far, Amanda has admitted to having had a complete reconstruction of the face, which includes facial lift, nose surgery, lips augmentation, forehead lift and enhancement with liquid collagen and modified hairline. She is also very proud of her womanly curves, which she got after she had her buttocks raised and plumped with liquid collagen, her thighs reshaped and her rib cage broken and then pushed in and, of course, her breasts augmented with hormones and, later, implants.

But the most terrifying face in all showbiz belongs to the woman who you wouldn't want to meet even if it were to happen in the middle of the day, on a crowded street: Jocelyn Wildenstein. Also known as 'Cat Woman' or 'the Bride of Wildenstein', this creature (you see, in this case, I am most definitely sure she is not human) started having massive plastic surgery once she noticed her billionaire husband's affections for her were not as strong as they once were. She thought that the best way to get him back was that of becoming the live expression of his fantasies.

Apparently, Jocelyn's husband had this thing for cats and that's why she really wanted to look like one. From a pretty woman (she was really cute when she was young), the avid attention seeker turned into that which you can see below, a face so full of plastic and so evidently fake that it almost resembles a mask. She had massive facial surgery, from reshaping her eyes so that they look more like those of a feline, to lip augmentation, lifting of the cheek bones and forehead and silicone injections into her chin and jaws. Instead of conquering back her husband, she ended up by divorcing him and securing the number one spot in the 'most scariest celebrities' list.

So, there you have it! The most terrific three cases of bad plastic surgery, of celebrities who should have done something else with their money that butcher themselves for life. I sincerely apologize if this ruined your weekend, I know it's not a pretty sight but, should we pity them? NO! Should we make fun of them? No, that can't happen either. But neither should we pretend that they don't exist, especially as they're always in our face (you know, the one that doesn't change every other week).


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