Official Website of Ali Moeen Nawazish Defaced by Spanish Hackers

The site of Indian ethical hacker Trishneet Arora has also been hacked

By on February 4th, 2013 14:25 GMT

Hackers of the Spanish group Team One Unite have defaced the official website of Ali Moeen Nawazish, the Pakistani student who broke a world record by passing 23 A-levels.

According to Cyber News, it’s uncertain why the hackers have targeted Nawazish’s website. It’s possible they were simply trying to prove that the site was vulnerable.

A similar hack affected the website of Trishneet Arora, an Indian ethical hacker and cybercrime consultant.

EHN reports that Team Cyber-Rog hackers have defaced Arora’s website to “expose his true face.”

“You have disappointed us, we will continue to own and expose people like Trishneet . Learn to secure yourself before you teach others. Trishneet , stop making fake account of girls and and conducting fake workshops for money/profit. We are watching you. Expect Us,” the hackers said.

At the time of writing, the website of Ali Moeen Nawazish was restored, but the one of Arora was still inaccessible.